G Spot Thrusting & Clitoral Sucking Vibrator G Spot Thrusting & Clitoral Sucking Vibrator G Spot Thrusting & Clitoral Sucking Vibrator G Spot Thrusting & Clitoral Sucking Vibrator G Spot Thrusting & Clitoral Sucking Vibrator G Spot Thrusting & Clitoral Sucking Vibrator G Spot Thrusting & Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

G Spot Thrusting & Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

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Product Description

  • ❤Satisfactory After-Sales Warranty & Discreet Packaging - All Enlove products support 30 days refund or replacement service and 1-year warranty.We are committed to providing you with satisfied customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

  • ❤7 Powerful Thrusting and Vibrating Patterns - The thrusting vibrator provides Thrusts Up and Down thrusting motions.Experience a breathtaking, thrusting sensation.The vibrator's shaft moves up-and-down for max 2cm. It gives great stimulation to the clit as like your lover thrusting you when you are making love.

  • ❤Triple Stimulation - In addition to thrusting and vibrating,there are 7 sucking mode for clitoral stimulation,it is designed to simulate realistic oral pleasure,which is completely different from a vibration effect.Increasing the experience of sucking on the basis of vibration and thrusting, let you have the new climax experience

  • ❤Body-safe and Skin Friendly Materials - This clitoral stimulator adopts the body, odorless, skin-friendly silicone.Vigorous use won't cause any pain but firm enough to feel it. And life waterproof design brings it possible to have fun with it in the bathroom, but be careful not to get into the water completely. Extremely simple cleaning and for pleasure and fun with peace of mind

  • ❤Exquisite Shape and Easy to Use - You may be deeply impressed by the exquisite and ergonomic design and shape,let you want to enjoy it all the time.The handle ring desige,it make it easy to use.The thrusting & sucking action brings you to a fantastic orgasm with 7 different modes. Your sweet spot will be kissed by the gentle vibrator

Product reviews
  • 2020-10-23
  • I love the cute little sucker
  • So far, this is my most interesting toy experience ... I am excited about the prospect of attracting and penetrating at the same time, and this is what this bad boy did. The material is soft to the touch, comfortable in shape and non-abrasive. Many settings and potentials because the aspirator and vibrator operate on different buttons. Overall, if you need a little suction and simultaneous insertion, you can use this function.

  • 2020-10-23
  • Intense!
  • The packaging is very sleek and sturdy and the pieces are neatly packed. It is very easy to clean, I use an anti-bacterial spray cleaner by the same company. It was easy to charge with the usb cable, it takes a few hours to get to full charge but then the battery lasts for a long time and the intensity is not effected as it reaches low power. This is an effective and efficient device that can accomplish its purpose very quickly if you so choose. It is a great value for the price, I have more expensive products that don’t come close to competing with this one.
    Pros: amaziiiiing design, smooth visually-appealing silicone, easy magnetic charging, long-

    lasting battery, multiple buttons to control the functions separately.

    Cons: I literally have none. Seriously.

  • 2020-10-23
  • nice
  • As with the other reviews, the "thrusting" isn't thrusting at all. The shaft doesn't thrust independently of the toy, the entire thing moves from whatever is slamming around in the mechanics. The suction is pretty good and combined with the vibrations, it does ok, but the best part is the nub inside the sucking part. It rests on the clit and vibrates while the suction goes. Amazing!

  • 2020-10-23
  • Good Vibes Only
  • Update: the seller reached out and gave some information, thanks for listening!

    This thing is pretty impressive, the front part moves in an open/close motion if needed to get situated. It has some serious power but the “sucking” area seems to leave a little to be desired. It was harder to clean that area as well, I felt like water got trapped which made me concerned.

  • 2020-10-23
  • Brilliant
  • OMG this is the best thing ever. Not only is it full sized but it thrusts and at different speeds but the clit sucker is adjustable so you can have it in the perfect position for the best O. I've tried a lot of toys and none of them are anything like this one. Its very easy to clean and charge

  • 2020-10-23
  • Gets the job done well.
  • Its great. Not the quietest thing .. but it will certainly get the job doneeeeeeee. It doesn't so much suck as it does vibrate like a mofo. But it works really well. I love it. Comes with a charger. No batteries.
    the clit part is also adjustable which is greatttttttt. Nice and soft. I love the handle. Easy for me to hold and for my hubs to hold when he is using it on me. The buttons are simple. Took a me a minute to realize that the plus sign increases the vibrations and then the minus sign controls the clit sucker vibrations. So many combinations to choose from and explore. Its awesome.

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