Mini Vibrator Clitorial and G-Spot Nipple Stimulator Mini Vibrator Clitorial and G-Spot Nipple Stimulator Mini Vibrator Clitorial and G-Spot Nipple Stimulator Mini Vibrator Clitorial and G-Spot Nipple Stimulator Mini Vibrator Clitorial and G-Spot Nipple Stimulator Mini Vibrator Clitorial and G-Spot Nipple Stimulator Mini Vibrator Clitorial and G-Spot Nipple Stimulator

Mini Vibrator Clitorial and G-Spot Nipple Stimulator

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Product Description

  • Mini and Portable Size: This climax vibrator has a small portable size which fits easily in any handbag.Take this mini massager with you wherever you go, teasing and pleasing yourself throughout the day!

  • Super Powerful Motor: This small massager offers 7 massage modes. It is more suitable for relieving your muscle tension and supporting sporty relaxation, it provides relief for your shoulders, feet, back and neck, etc. It is the best home massage therapist.

  • 360 Degree Bendable Head: Its bendable design meet to your needs without the discomfort. Removable silicone head cover make it easy clean,just take the head cover out, and clean it.The body of mini massager is made of high-quality ABS and has extra smooth surface

  • High-quality ABS and Silicone Material: The silicone head cover is absolutely safe even for sensitive skin and delicate areas, perfect for clitoris and nipples stimulating, of course it can go inside for g-spot massaging

  • Satisfactory After-Sales Warranty & Discreet Packaging - All Enlove products support 30 days refund or replacement service and 60 days warranty.We are committed to providing you with satisfied customer service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us


Product reviews
  •   jorie
  • 2020-10-23
  • USB charging & fast delivery!
  • OMG this vibrator is everything. It came nicely packaged in box with a white tube to make it more discreet. Its very quiet yet very powerful with mindblowing vibration settings. Its easy to clean. And Its rechargeable so you dont have to worry about batterys. I really wasnt expecting to get the reaction I got with it but it really exceeded my expectations. This is a must buy. You wont be disappointed.

  •   Danielle Palmer
  • 2020-10-23
  • My new favorite 😍
  • Lets cover the basics first.. It is smaller than I expected (not necessarily a bad thing). I quite like its compatibility. It charged REALLY fast which I was thrilled about! It has 7 settings, most of which are common on most vibrators but a couple of them I've never heard before (one of them reminds me of an engine as you switch gears, the intensity getting louder and stronger. Im excited to try that one 😅)
    Noise level is average. Not loud but not quiet. And boyyyyy does it pack a punch! This little thing is absolutely toe curling intense and worth the money. I didnt expect much from this little thing but I was wrong lol

  •   Dre Jefferson
  • 2020-10-23
  • 😍😍😍😍
  • This Mini Vibrator is worth the money and more. For its size its very powerful and it has a few different settings. Its so strong that you can feel the vibration through your pants or whatever bottom you have on. I will definitely recommend this to my friends.

  •   Joenn Brown
  • 2020-10-23
  • Wowwow!!!
  • First the basics. The seller was prompt with delivery. It came pretty fast. Sooner that expected actually. The packaging was descriptive and indicated the contents. Incase you need to know if the contents are apparent by the box. I've bought from the seller before and some of their products come in non-descript boxes. My experience with similar products isn't very broad but I've tried a few. This one has a function I didn't think was needed until I bought this toy. It has seven vibrating speeds and functions I wasn't familiar with. There's a mechanism that has an extending function that stretches and retracts in the main part. It's really helpful because you don't need to do the moving yourself. That was a pleasant surprise. The secondary vibrating function works pretty well. I wish the two functions had separate controls though and because of the moving mechanism, the toy is a louder than I would have liked. All in all, great toy. Definitely something you should try it.

  •   Antoinette Mcdonald
  • 2020-10-23
  • It can pop into 2 pieces...
  • I got this as a gift for someone, she was upset it broke after the first use. *But it didn't*. The wand head *and neck* flare to a wide base that is then plugged into the body of the unit, but it can be tugged out of that body-hole if the user's maybe too enthusiastic? She said she didn't do anything major, etc, using it, honestly it wouldn't have come out that easy, whatever, I wasn't there. Not sure why chick didn't put it back together herself -- some are like that -- but I did the manly thing of pushing the top back into the bottom, took some squeezing/a moment's time, it's 100% again. Seems it at least (it works still). As to power? This was praised *despite* it "breaking". And since it's not broken, my gift-recipient will likely cum on it again. Only caution I would offer to shoppers regarding this item is it *is* very small, if you want something to hide in a purse or other small container, this might be a plus. If you want something that you can keep track of enough to hold in your hand when you're losing your mind on the brink of orgasm? Well, women do have smaller hands. Suffice, it's tiny. But strong. Enjoy that how you will...

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