Butt Plug Training Kit Butt Plug Training Kit Butt Plug Training Kit Butt Plug Training Kit Butt Plug Training Kit Butt Plug Training Kit Butt Plug Training Kit

Butt Plug Training Kit

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    Butt Plug Training Kit with Tapered Shaft Flared Base, Anal Beads Tail Waterproof Sex Toy, Pack of 3 for Comfortable Long-Term, Xocity Silicone Anal Plugs for Beginners Advanced Players

    The XOCITY 3 shape kit The design anal beads trainer kit is inspired by professional players in the US butt plug toy circle, combining 3 most popular shapes to satisfy your different anal fantasy. Owning 1 set is equality to owning 3 independent toys. this is the perfect for anyone curious about anal play, can definitely spice up your night.

    Beginners to advanced players 3 butt plug sizes corresponding to different needs. If you 're a noob or a novice, these are nice to get you warmed up, from small size to large size, and then the amal beads will allowed you unusual backdoor excitement! It will fill you up like nothing you have ever experienced and stretched you out more than you’ve ever been stretched out before.

    Tapered Shaft Flared Base Different from the circular base of the metal butt plug or the suction base of the penis, the xocity anal plug kit adopts a flared base, allow for your body's natural function and put it back in place for another 24 hours of hidden secret fun. Walking, standing, sexing, driving, working, it's the best ever sex machine. Happy prostate and the outer shape is the best ever for long term wear.

    Ergonomic and comfortable Nice graduated sizes, the curved shape is very ergonomic and comfortable. Each plugs have soft tip that slips in easily with some water-based lube. If you are male, it will stimulate prostate, enjoy perfect anal sex. If you are female, the anal plug kit will stimulate your vaginal, and the beads anal plug can be used in the vagina or clitoris, touch your G-spot just like a dildo. A good anal sex toy for couples when in foreplay.

    Food-grade silicone Made of high-quality materials that's non-porous, latex & phthalate-free, non-toxic, odorless. It is completely waterproof and cleaner easily. The head and bottom are very soft without ant hurts for your body, while the middle part of the anal plug is hard enough but has a soft touch, even if it is squeezed by the vagina or anus, it will not deform. Provide anal fun while also ensuring safety.

    Product reviews
  •   Floyd Greve
  • 2020-8-31
  • Be Adventurous
  • This is a great set of plugs for the beginner to intermediate. All three plugs are made out of high quality silicone. Very comfortable and easy to clean. Also, with there being three choices so you should have no problem finding what you like or feels good to you. Please remember that since they are made of silicone, use only water based lubrication and by all means don't be stingy with the lubricant. Another thing for you that are worried about your privacy, the box is all black with no neon sign saying sex toy inside. There is just a small sticker with an inventory number on it. In closing, I say if you are on the fence as I was, I just dove in saying you only get one life so make me most of it and enjoy everything life has to offer.

  •   Charity Davis
  • 2020-9-22
  • Feels great nice variety
  • These different sizes are awesome 😩😩 perfect for beginners the matte color is really cute. It did have some type of dust on it but they are new so just wash them off and they are amazing

  •   akaSargon
  • 2020-9-12
  • Great set for beginners to start their training
  • TLDR: wow. These things are just amazing

    Firstly, set aside a large chunk of time. I'm still relatively new to anal play, so I had to keep reminding myself while using these amazing toys that, for the best effect, this was going to take some time and patience. Rome wasn't built in a day after all and the last thing I needed to do was end up not being able to walk straight in the morning for the wrong reasons!

    My first impressions when removing these from the box was noticing the plugs are made of a really soft and comfortable feeling material with no imperfections. So, it was certainly going to be a comfortable experience using them in such a sensitive place.

    After unboxing them and really taking a good look at and comparing them though it was pretty much "yeah that's a good size", "huh, that's only a little bit bigger, I can handle that", then "omg, what is that? is all of that supposed to go in?" I mean, I knew why it was shaped the way it was, but I've never seen one in person or tried one. So, I must admit I was excited to give it a go. So, it was tough being patient enough to give the two smaller ones a go first.

    The first two are fairly "small" but have a slight difference. One is slightly longer and thinner while the other is thicker and shorter. Starting with the longer thinner one is the way to go imo. With a little lube and pressure, it's easy to start out with, especially for beginners. It's not even much thicker than a finger tbh! After a long while of getting used to that, it's time for the second thicker one! This one is about two fingers at best. But a good step up from the other one. A lot of time alternating between the two and it's time for the coup de grace!

    Finally, using the plug with multiple sizes along it's body takes the most time. It clearly starts out smaller than the other two but quickly gets to a point where it's thicker than them both. This is where patience matters! It took a lot of time to be comfortable enough (and brave enough!) to get the entire thing in. But it's definitely worth it. The small to large size lets it go deeper and feel more comfortable than I ever expected. It was one of the best experiences I've ever had tbh.

    Afterwards, clean up was a breeze with the material these guys are made out of. My one wish is that it came with a nice bag to store them in. But you can't win 'em all right? They are definitely worth the price of admission if you play patiently with them.

  •   c.m. polhuijs
  • 2020-10-23
  • Slides In Like Butter
  • "This is my first kit for anything like this at all... ive always been semi interested but terrified to actually try it out. So I chose this one due to having the ""complete"" package. It comes with 4 different sizes starting from small to large. It comes with lube and forgive me I cannot remember the actual name for this item but an anus baster to douche or even could use to insert the lube inside like those lube syringes. Personally I would get better lube than what it comes with, but if you don't have anything this isn't the worst.

    They had a kinda funny smell almost like a semi melted Barbie doll, obviously clean them before use and ESPECIALLY after use. I have toy cleaner so it's no problem at all. These also have a little suction so you can attach to a wall, not the worlds best auction but it sticks.

    If you're unsure how to use these read many things online and watch YouTube videos on them as well to make it as comfortable as you can while exploring.

    They are soft and bend enough to be as comfortable as something inserted there can be. I don't suggest wearing these for super long periods of time but these are good for training"

  •   kaisersouse
  • 2020-8-27
  • Great for beginners and advanced players alike.
  • I was not expecting such a high quality product for such a low price point. The 2 regular plugs are tapered and flanged perfectly. The gradient size increase is big enough to sense a difference and fullness. If the rippled one was the only one i here it would be worth it just for that. It's a lot bigger than it looks in the add and is a lot of fun to play with having a partner to vary both size and depth. It has the added benefit of acting like beads so if you want to at the moment you will get a dual stimulaton. Easily cleanable, no seams that are noticeable at all. Very good value and a lot of fun to play with for any level.

  •   Paris
  • 2020-9-19
  • Comfortable
  • I have been trying to train myself and I am obviously no expert, I got first a training set of stainless steel with jewels and I regret it so much, they were so uncomfortable that I could only do the small one and even that one was difficult to use, after that I got this set hoping it would be better and I was scared at the beginning because they are so long compared to the Steele ones but once I started using them I fell in love with them, they are so soft and even when they are long they are quite comfortable and easier to use and wear for longer periods of time, they are flexible and not thick, perfect for beginners just like myself, I ended up being a fast learner because of this set being Perfect to learn and train.

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