Realistic Dildos for Men Women Female Couples Realistic Dildos for Men Women Female Couples Realistic Dildos for Men Women Female Couples Realistic Dildos for Men Women Female Couples Realistic Dildos for Men Women Female Couples Realistic Dildos for Men Women Female Couples Realistic Dildos for Men Women Female Couples

Realistic Dildos for Men Women Female Couples

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    ❤LARGE SIZE REALISTIC DILDO - Dark brown dildo with 11 inches super-size, insertable length up to 8 inches. Beautiful glans, 2 large testicles and realistic veins, for a stunning look and a realistic feel. This exquisite dildo was designed for ladies who pursuit of ultimate fun

    ❤DUAL HARDNESS CRAFTS - The realistic dildo inner part is made of hard material, which simulates the effect of corpus cavernosum erection, and can better support the shape of the dildo. External skin made of soft material, simulate real penis skin. Provide best sex experience for ladies

    ❤STRONG SUCTION CUP - Equipped with an extremely strong suction cup for hands-free play. It can be to just about any smooth surface: in the bathroom, on the wall, the mirror or at the table. Extremely strong suction cup for a stable stand and optimal pleasure without the use of your hands

    ❤HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - This dildo sex toy based on a real penis penis and ergonomically designed. The super strong suction cup provides the necessary of stability. It is soft, flexible and fragrance-free; waterproof and easy to clean by water

    ❤100% CONFIDENTIAL SHIPMENT - All products come in neutral packaging. We provide 7/24 online service and refund replacement warranty. Just take free contact us if you have any problem.








    Product reviews
  •   D.D. Douglas
  • 2020-10-23
  • Flexible and soft
  • I really enjoy this dildo. It is big but not too big if you are experienced handling bigger dildos. The material is real nice and feels great once inserted. Make sure to use plenty of lube. Using it anally is awesome, I recently discovered that I am anally inclined and My wife is not yet on board,she does not like dildos, but she is ok with me using it when she is not around. I highly recommend this dildo to anyone who is looking for something bigger to work with.

  •   Sharon Clark
  • 2020-10-21
  • Just Right
  • Just received this toy and got a chance to try it out ; after some cleansing with warm water and antibacterial soap and towel dry. Was I ever pleased with length and girth, with lube it slid in just right and I am very pleased with this toy

  •   Jl Stewart
  • 2020-10-17
  • I love it, it is very big though. I almost didn't get this one because of the one person who reviewed it bad saying its not dual density ? well the one I got was for sure dual density and it was silicone as well it has a layer of TPE for shine over and TPE is body safe as well so there is not worries with this toy. My suction cup is very strong too!

  •   Amit Jaiswal
  • 2020-10-11
  • I bought this because I have been wanting to have more anal fun, but in the safety and privacy of my own home (and not with someone else). A good friend (a big ole power bottom lol) suggested this dildo.
    I was skeptical, because it IS very big.
    I got it, and HOLY COW! When I saw it, I immediately contemplated returning it. It is HUGE.
    However, I decided to give it a try.
    Thoroughly washed it, and all that. Covered every inch in lube (yes, use GENEROUS AMOUNTS) and took it for a spin...It was difficult at first, but after patience, it was SO ENJOYABLE!

    This is DEF NOT FOR ANAL BEGINNERS! However, if you love the feeling of big anatomy inside you, I highly recommend this toy.

  •   Amazon Customer
  • 2020-10-03
  • A very good size toy, made of quality material. You will feel the quality. The toy is very realistic and resembles real skin. I may say thatchy have probably had a good model to model it from. It is well designed, realistic veins, and realistic feel. It is soft and firm at the same time, and very easy to use. In the material on the inner part is a very hard material and the durability is there. I can tell right away that the toy will last long! The color is perfect! The suction cup works very well, so when the manufacturer promised a hand -free, one has meant it! You can place it on the toilet or on the mirror almost any surface you like, as long as it is flat, and it is ready to go! The most stable toy I ever had! The head is large it is always a benefit. It definitely does the job. It is absolutely perfect.

  •   Eric Wong
  • 2020-9-26
  • Wow
  • The price is good for this well crafted realistic dildo. It may seem floppy until you insert it then YOU WILL feel the quality. The large mushroom head makes way during insertion and feels amazing. It doesn't have an overwhelming smell and the little smell it does have can be overcome by rubbing baby lotion or baby oil on it. Got it and couldn't wait for the wife so I used it and wow!
    Suggestion to couples: I warmed it up by placing it in front of a space heater before use.

  •   Vernon B.
  • 2020-9-23
  • I loved it straight away, very sexy
  • I love this black dildo. The suction is great, really stays in place. The size is good but could be a little thicker for my pleasure but feels wonderful. Love having this when my Daddy is away and he loves watching me play with it on KIK. It really hits the spot when you grind it in deep and stays secure wit the great suction. I would def. but this again. Big and Black is the only way to go.

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