17.7in Double-Ended Dildos for Anal Vagina Simulation 17.7in Double-Ended Dildos for Anal Vagina Simulation 17.7in Double-Ended Dildos for Anal Vagina Simulation 17.7in Double-Ended Dildos for Anal Vagina Simulation 17.7in Double-Ended Dildos for Anal Vagina Simulation 17.7in Double-Ended Dildos for Anal Vagina Simulation 17.7in Double-Ended Dildos for Anal Vagina Simulation

17.7in Double-Ended Dildos for Anal Vagina Simulation

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    ★DOUBLE DILDO – Double ended dildos for you to share with your partner. It's flexible enough for double penetration experiments or for two partners to comfortably use at the same time.

    ★REALISTIC DILDO – Xocity dildos comes complete with lifelike veins, ridges, length and lifelike details to feel absolutely like the real thing. Girth enough to satisfy your deepest desires. c

    ★SILICONE DILDO – Made from soft and flexible pure silicone. Body-safe and it’s great for even the most sensitive areas.

    ★18" SUPER LONG - Super long dildos is Easy to hold on to, for single anal and vagina play, or 2 people anal or vagina play. Everything is fun, let you imagine.

    ★CONFIDENTIAL SHIPMENT - All products come in discreet packaging for your privacy protecting. We provide 7/24 online service and refund replacement warranty. Just take free contact us if you have any problem.




    Product reviews
  •   Barbara H.
  • 2020-10-23
  • high quality and inexpensive
  • When the penis is made of silica gel, it has no peculiar smell. The workmanship is very fine, the materials are good, and there is no peculiar smell. The soft ones are not hard materials. They are easy to use, and the lubricants are good. They are much cheaper than the outside ones. The things are really determined. They are good in quality and low in price. They will be bought back frequently next time.

  •   Cindy of Minnesota
  • 2020-10-18
  • Great when you’re wanting something new!
  • I don’t usually try things like this but have wanted to go more out of the box. This showed up in discreet packaging, in a box, so no one would have known what is is. It doesn’t look like much at first but as soon as you take it out you see how long it actually is, which is great when you want to dabble in DP. It was nice and firm, without being too firm or too soft which can often be a problem. It isn’t too girthy so if you are wanting to dabble in DP but can’t quiet use large butt plugs, it fits comfortably.

    It was super easy to clean and I left it to air dry. Overall I really enjoyed the experience and can’t wait to start introducing it with a partner!

  •   Tanner Huff
  • 2020-10-12
  • For the solo or double Lovers collide
  • This was a fun toy not only is it very flexible long the material and lubricate it makes for a smooth and elating Flexstyle experience for the solo partner multi partner or lady loving friend perfect sizing to fit down vaginal and oral cavity visually when recording as a model I have enjoyed it’s sleek look smooth texture and it is also malleable too cold I put it in the fridge for a bit and that was quite a shocking and enjoyable experience for my partner you should buy it immediately let’s experiment on each otherRemember to love yourself Openly experiment and learn everything about your love language and your desires I appreciate this company for making something to help me explore great product

  •   KB
  • 2020-10-05
  • Fun for the collection and to be used at all levels
  • Very quality item. Doesn't much smell when opened, so it's wash and go. Very flexible, but retains the curve toward one direction. It can be stretched to not be as curved as the packaging. Finally, it's about 2 fingers wide. This is easy use for beginners and intermediate users.

  •   Cindy
  • 2020-9-28
  • Good quality realistic long dildo
  • SO it looked like there would be different sized ends, but they are the same. It is very long, made good. No bubbles inside. It has all the veins to copy a real picture. Nothing to complain about. I recommend

  •   Antonio Morales
  • 2020-9-25
  • Double the Fun
  • I just used this baby and had to immediately write a review..

    First off, it comes in an amazon box, so no one will know what secrets you have in store. The toy itself is in easy-open plastic packaging that shows the cute pink color!

    Though this can easily be used with a partner in many different ways... I was using it solo tonight! Let’s just say it will live up to any DP fantasies you may have, that’s for sure. It’s a perfect size that is nice for both holes. Not too big, not too small. It has veins as well for added stimulation, which makes it more realistic.

    It’s made out of a silicone material that is super easy to clean. Run it under some hot water and use an antibacterial soap, or use your favorite toy cleaner. The silicone is flexible as well, making it easily maneuvered into wherever you want it to go.

    This is not a toy you should pass up if you’re looking for something new for you and a partner or even just to spice up your own solo sex life. Definite recommend!

  • 17.7in Double-Ende...