Metal Anal Plug sets for Unisex Masturbation Metal Anal Plug sets for Unisex Masturbation Metal Anal Plug sets for Unisex Masturbation Metal Anal Plug sets for Unisex Masturbation Metal Anal Plug sets for Unisex Masturbation Metal Anal Plug sets for Unisex Masturbation Metal Anal Plug sets for Unisex Masturbation

Metal Anal Plug sets for Unisex Masturbation

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Product Description

✪Safe Adult Toys-- Solid stainless steel anal plug, smooth and easy to clean surface, safe and tasteless, durable. The metal material conducts heat quickly, and you can choose freely in ice and fire to experience the strongest pleasure.

✪The Perfect T-shaped Base-- Anal Butt Plug adopts the T-shaped base design, which fits perfectly with the anus and is not easy to fall off. It can be worn for a long time under any circumstances. There is no need to worry about embarrassment in public use. The luxury diamonds are added at the bottom to make your partner more infatuated.

✪From Beginner to Expert-- The training set comes with two sizes of anal plugs, each anal plug is designed with two beads, double stimulation. The head is round and easy to slip in. Beginners can start practicing with a small anal plug. They can slowly conquer the large anal plug with lubricating fluid and get satisfaction.

✪Men and Women Use-- Regardless of gender, hobby, all people can use it, the anal plug has a streamlined design, ergonomic, fits the inner wall, massage any part of you perfectly. If you are a male, you can stimulate the prostate, if you are a female, the plug can stimulate the back wall of the vagina, or directly into the vagina to get double stimulation.

✪Satisfactory service and discreet packaging -- The vibrator uses completely discreet packaging, without any written instructions, guaranteeing absolute privacy. We are committed to providing you with satisfactory customer service. All products support 30 days refund or replacement service and 1-year warranty.




Product reviews
  •   alexis moye
  • 2020-10-23
  • So Comfortable!
  •  I absolutely love this product, while being a beginner it was very easy to insert. It came with a smaller one then a larger one which both fit & feel very comfortable I would most definitely purchase again

  •   Phrozen
  • 2020-10-19
  • It's itchy, it's exciting!
  • Can't words of comfort, only myself feel the better feel its strong, I can only say, good fun, inserted into the backyard, is full of satisfaction, not great, the husband in matching vibrations are communicated directly to the g-spot, prostate fluid flow all the time, insertion is very smooth, put some lubricating a plug, a breath a little, it will slide into it himself。

  •   Chuck M.
  • 2020-10-16
  • Easy to use and comfortable!
  • Absolutely loved this product! It was easy to use and easy to clean. As a beginner in anal play this was perfect for a first time use! It was so comfortable I almost forgot I still had it in 😂😂 for sure one of my new favs!

  •   M
  • 2020-10-08
  • Adorable!
  • First time using plugs. I like these a lot. They feel really nice. They are smooth and all metal. The bells are really cute and the heart is sparkly! I really loved using them, very comfortable. They come in small, medium and large so one could work their way up in size. They also have a hook to attach the leash to which is great. I also use the hook to pull them out when I don't use the leash. I highly recommend these!

  •   Tammy Artley
  • 2020-10-02
  • A cute and beginner friendly product
  • These plugs are amazing! They come with one beginner plug and one experienced plug that’s noticeably larger! The first day I received my plug it was super easy to use and slid in with no issue ( had to use a little oil but of course with any toy you do ) . I’ve never seen a plug like this and I’ve come across MANY! This has been a one of a kind plug with the shape and cute sparkly diamond complimenting the metal! would DEFINITELY recommend! 10/10. This was my first anal plug and wasn’t let down!

  •   Kim Construction
  • 2020-9-29
  • I love it. It's comfortable.
  • The price is very cheap, and it seems not suitable for the first adopters, but the materials for workmanship are very good. The product is smooth and transparent. It is wrapped in a black flannel bag with sea broine film.When using, put on BYT and apply lubricating oil and slowly enter, because there is a radian and different insertion depth, the feeling is also different. When it comes to the end, it will suddenly slide in, which feels very cool and interesting!

  •   Kingjoe Czajka
  • 2020-9-24
  • Very nice and comfortable
  • Until now I've only used silicon plugs so getting these and feeling the weight difference was amazing and a little shocking. They are amazingly easy to clean and came with their own little bag so they stay together and don't get lost. Only thing I wish were different are the gems. I got clear and would've loved to have a pink or purple color but overall, I love them

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