Clitoral Nipple Sucking Vibrator Clitoral Nipple Sucking Vibrator Clitoral Nipple Sucking Vibrator Clitoral Nipple Sucking Vibrator Clitoral Nipple Sucking Vibrator Clitoral Nipple Sucking Vibrator Clitoral Nipple Sucking Vibrator

Clitoral Nipple Sucking Vibrator

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    • ♥CLITORAL SUCKING VIBRATOR - Women want to have a perfect oral sex experience. This oral vibrator simulates the human sucking pleasure sucks the clitoris or nipples. Cooperate with vibration, feel the real pleasure of oral sex.

    • ♥10 SUCKING MODES – 10 different sucking and vibrating modes can be choosen. From weak to strong, from gentle to wild, this will be a new orgasm experience.

    • ♥NIPPLE RETRACTION CORRECTION - 3-5 times a day, 3-5 minutes each time, use physical means to attract the nipple, effectively correct the nipple retraction.

    • ♥COMPACT DESIGN - Small size is easy to carry out put it into the bag and enjoy the pleasure of sucking at any time. Full body IPX7 waterproof design, you can enjoy it in the bathroom or pool.

    • ♥100% CONFIDENTIAL SHIPMENT - All products come in neutral packaging. We provide 7/24 online service and refund replacement warranty. Just take free contact us if you have any problem.

      Product reviews
    •   Dre Jefferson
    • 2020-10-05
    • Very nice quality and great price!
    • This product is excellent quality and value for the price. It's just the right size for me and would be great for beginners as well. The material itself is very smooth, there are no mold lines or anything, and it's soft but not too soft making it great to use. It's flexible so can you use it in many different positions with ease, I am so happy with this toy, just what I was looking for. Clean up is very simple as well, and the material is silky making it much easier to clean and nice for fun times. Great for solo and with a partner.

    •   Joenn Brown
    • 2020-10-23
    • Very interesting intense toy
    •  I wondered if it would be good as it is half the price of some of the suction toys, but it is sturdy, feels pleasant, looks great, and most importantly, it works.Using the suction setting it immediately hit the right spot and gives you a completely different sensation as opposed to vibrating toys. The lower settings did not do much for me, but the higher setting was perfect, it can be a bit tricky to cycle back to your favorite setting if you accidentally hit a different setting, but the way the toy is held makes me think only my inexperience made this happen. It is definitely going on my favorite toy list.

    •   Antoinette Mcdonald
    • 2020-10-15
    • You will NOT regret this purchase AMAZING
    • Upon opening the package I was skeptical, because products like this always promise all these amazing things but rarely deliver. Well THIS ONE DELIVERED multiple deliveries might I add! I am so blown away with how phenomenal this product is!!! First of all it’s such a convenient size, it’s also so incredibly soft and enjoyable to touch. When I turned it on I didn’t understand the sucking aspect of it until I tried it. It’s not a strong suction but the vibration levels plus the suction it has are AMAZING it’s all about placement and trust me you’ll know when it’s placed properly ! I highly highly recommend this product, you really will not be disappointed at all!

    •   Nathaniel Journey
    • 2020-10-02
    • More satisfying than the satisfyer!
    • I bought this to replace my Satisfyer Pro 2 which had burnt out surprisingly (and disappointingly) quickly. This little toy works just as well, if not better, than the SP2. It has lasted for multiple uses on one charge, it's incredibly soft and silky, it fits comfortably into one hand for ease of use, its size suggests it would be easily used with a partner, and while it isn't super quiet it's fairly easily drowned out under the covers or with a fan or something on. Every time I've used it I've had an orgasm within just a few minutes with varying build-up speeds, and within a minute if on its top speed. Highly recommend. It's a great toy for the price! It charges quickly too.

    •   Lynn McMaster
    • 2020-9-28
    • Actually uses suction!
    • Always read the manual before using your toys!! This one requires charging prior to use.
      I was nervous to buy it as most toys like this people said that it only vibrated, not this one! It sucks almost like someone’s down there. It’s a bit difficult to get the proper placement, but once you got it . WHEW ! Takes some practice . Each time personally for me is getting better.
      Anyways, the product is super cute , soft , and easy to clean. Definitely a unique toy, glad I bit the bullet and bought it ! The suction isn’t too strong on low for those who prefer gentle toys.
      Try it , it will drive you crazy. Will update if anything changes!

    •   Olivia
    • 2020-9-25
    • Every sex toy claims to be amazing & unique- this truly is!
    • Works for me, and works fast & strong! It actually feels kinda similar to oral sex, but since you are controlling the location & intensity, it is so much more... efficient(?). When compared to other ‘toys’, I really like that it isn’t overly stimulating. By design, traditional vibrators have such a strong, repetitive, & continuous movement that if it takes me more than about 3 min to get there, I’ll have one orgasm and then I am DONE- like I don’t want anyone or anything touching me there anymore at all till next time. However, this doesn’t have that effect on me, so makes multiple orgasms in a row pleasantly possible... so yeah, I’d rate it 5 stars just for that.
      Last thing, for any women that have problems with vaginal dryness, try this- Problem fixed!!

    •   Breyana
    • 2020-9-24
    • Love it!
    • I find it hard to cum from clitoral stimulation, and not only did I cum quicker than ever before, but I came long and strong. Just from my clit. And I don't have that numb feeling that you can get from vibrating toys. Please buy this.

    •   Jim Nutterfield
    • 2020-9-23
    • Prepare for your soul to leave your body
    • I looked at suction vibrators for awhile but couldn't stomach the price of some of the ones I have seen. I saw the price of this one and knew that this would do the job after reading the reviews. Bare with me a moment friends...let me tell you how this will bless you.

      First I tried this little gem solo literally as soon as the Amazon truck delivered it. It came straight out of the box charged and ready to go. I thought I was ready as well but *insert Kevin Hart voice* I wasn't ready. In less than 2 minutes this little gem had me calling for my ancestors as the intensity of the orgasm was nothing that I had ever experienced before. The suction has about 10 settings and I thought I could handle the highest. Well that wasn't true...I died at climax and came back to life and that was only on setting 4. The settings are very easy to adjust during...the pleasure at your will. Afterwards, I tucked it away in a drawer so that I could gather my soul back.

      Now with my husband... ladies... fellas... whatever you fancy..this thing takes suction to a whole new level. It not only is great for clitoris stimulation but nipples as well. If your partner is into a nipple action, this will do the trick there as well. Because it can be quite the sucker *pun intended*, you'll need to play around with the settings during intercourse to see what you like, what you can handle, and where you want it positioned. This wonderful gem can be very intense so be careful or you might end up having 75 orgasms and be dead. Just turn it back on and then you'll come back to life I am certain.

      Overall, I highly recommend this gem if you want to take your special time up another notch. You will be blessed and highly favored.

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